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Best Quality of Eye Drop Range Available!

Swissvision has a long list of products. They are prescribed in case of bacterial infections, fungal infections, congestions, medical surgery or examinations, etc. These products have impacted the lives of patients. Some of these products are described below:

  • Ciprochem-D e/e drops: The medicine is used to treat bacterial ear infections, be it outer or inner infection. It stops the growth of bacteria.
  • Cyclochem eye drops: This drug is classified as anticholinergics, which is used before the medical examination. It relaxes the eye muscle by dilating the pupil.
  • Flurchem eye drops: The drug is used before eye surgeries like cataract. It helps in preventing narrowing. The drug used belongs to the class of NSAID drugs.
  • Naviflu e/e drops: This corticosteroid class of drugs is used to cure inflammatory eye diseases. It helps in reducing redness, swelling, and itching.
  • Navimox e/e drops: It is an antibiotic. Helps in curing conjunctivitis, tuberculosis, endocarditis, pneumonia, and sinusitis. Quinolone antibiotic is the class of the drug.
  • Opticlear eye drops: It is a decongestant. The drops are prescribed when the patient feels puffiness, redness, and itchy or watering eye due to various factors.
  • Otrichem nasal drops: These drops are specifically for the relief in the nose. It works temporarily by narrowing the blood vessels. The drops are prescribed in case of common cold or allergies.
  • Otrichem-N nasal drops: Swollen cornea contains extra water which may lead to poor vision. These NaCl (Sodium Chloride) drops draw the water out.
  • Swissflu eye drop: This medication is used to counter fungal infections. It stops the growth of fungus. The class of the drug is azole antifungals.
  • Tobrachem eye drops: This is another type of antibiotic belongs to the class of drugs aminoglycoside antibiotics. Same as others, these drops stops the growth of bacterias.

Quality Policies Followed At Swiss Vision

Swiss Vision and its team never compromise with the quality of products. We have appointed the quality control experts to keep the check on every single process i.e, from the collection of raw material to dispatching. We design and develop our eye medicines by keeping in mind the quality control measures.

Cost-Effective Production – We have adopted a cost-effective production method so that our valuable customers get the products at affordable prices.

Quality Assured Products – The company commits to providing the quality assured pharma products. Through our sound experience in the pharma field, we are able to provide superior quality products.

Research and Innovation – Our innovative approach has made us the best pharma franchise company in India. With the help of our multi-talented and devoted experts, we are capable to bring groundbreaking solutions.