Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in India –

Swissvision is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in India. We are having the capacity for large scale production of pharma pellets, tablets, capsule, Herbal Nutraceuticals, protein powder, Gym supplements, and pharma sachets. Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies do not have their own production facilities. We work for them and provide them Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing/third party services.

As Leading contract/ third party Pharma manufacturer in Northern India with state of the Art manufacturing facilities in the tax-free zone, we are having the capacity for large scale production of pharma pellets, tablet, capsule, Herbal Nutraceuticals, protein powder and pharma sachets.

There is a number of pharma companies that are associated In North India with us to outsource manufacturing work. We partner from different cities of India like Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing with Swissvision

We have strong and well developed Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems.

We have a good facility made strictly as per Schedule M and have all necessary are segregation, air pressure differentials, and systematic work environment, at the same time we are dynamic and have the flexibility to integrate perfectly into supply chain for solid dosage forms up to full satisfaction of our customer.

Manufacturing System.

We have expertise and experience in a wide variety of formulations, and offer pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in pharma of all dosage forms.